Before you begin implementing your customer portal, you will need to make sure that you have:

  1. configured your portal settings in My Offce > Settings > Online & App Booking Settings
  2. setup at least one service to be available in the web portal by going to My Office > Settings > Service Catalog (view screenshot)
  3. [optional] created new statuses in My Office > Settings > Estimate & Job Statuses for online service requests and estimates to help better identify new online bookings (view screenshot)


To add the Service Fusion customer portal to the website you can use one of the following two approaches.

1. A popup window from a link or a button on your site


You can point this link or button to open a popup window with the following URL:

Where /demoplumbing would be replaced with your own Company ID.

2. As an iframe within a dedicated page on your website.


<iframe src="" width="1200" height="700">
Sorry your browser does not support inline frames.

You can simply copy & paste this code into a designated area on the page of the website where you would like the customer portal to appear.