Setting up a Parent Account:

You will set them up as a regular customer by going to either Customer List > Add new customer OR you can click the large green plus sign button in the upper right corner of your screen and click add new Customer.


Once you have created the customer and have all their information in the system, You can now add the Parent customer to any Sub Customer in your Customer List.

Linking the Parent Account to the Child/Sub Account:

In order to add a parent customer to an existing customer account, both the parent account and the customer account that will become the subordinate account need to already exist in service fusion.

When both customers exist inside of Service Fusion, the following steps can be performed in order to add a parent account to an existing customer account.

1.) Go to the customer profile for the non - parent account by clicking on the Customers tab in the Service Fusion banner. Next, click on the Customer List tab that appears.

2.) Select the customer profile by typing the beginning of the customer's name in the search field, and then selecting the customer, or by finding the customer in the list and clicking on the customer's name.

3.) In the edit customer screen that appears, in the first tab labeled 'Account info', the second field over is labeled as 'Parent Account'. In order to assign a parent account to the customer, simply start typing the desired parent account name in this field, and select the correct account from the drop down that appears based on the text input.

4) Save changes by selecting the save button in the top right or bottom middle of the screen.