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Q. Can I transfer my current phone number to

A. Yes, absolutely. Most phone companies allow their customers to port numbers to other providers. This process typically takes 1-4 weeks. However, while the number is being ported, you can simply forward your calls to a designated number within and start receiving calls immediately.

We strongly advise to wait about 30 days before attempting to port your phone number(s) over to to ensure that our platform suits all of your business needs.


Q. I need someone to help record our IVR greetings and messages. Can you help?

A. We do not currently offer in-house voiceover services. However, we highly recommend using voice talents on and specifically, Grace Bjarnson (


Q. Can I use my existing IP desk phone or a third-party softphone with this service?

A. Support for SIP trunking, a protocol allowing IP phones to be connected to, is in its final stages of development and will be released soon. Please stay tuned for updates.


Q. Does require that I use Service Fusion?

A. At the moment, a Service Fusion subscription is required in order to take advantage of all the features has to offer. For example, tracking your sales leads that convert to estimates or jobs or routing customer calls directly to service technicians.

Q. What is the minimum number of users required to use this service?

A. The minimum number of users is one and you can scale your team up and down as needed. We will bill you only for the number of users who were active during the billing cycle.


Q. How many talk time minutes and text messages are included in the plan?

A. Our standard plan includes up to 2,000 minutes per user and can be pooled across all active users.


Q. Will I be billed for this service together with my Service Fusion subscription?

A. Yes, your charges will be added to your Service Fusion monthly subscription.


Q. How can I get training and support?

A. Initial and ongoing training and support is provided by the 5-star rated Service Fusion customer support team. Online resources are also available at


Q. Can I cancel this service at any time?

A. Yes, absolutely. You can cancel your service at any time by submitting your request to Service Fusion Support at