dashboard allows you to see a number of performance metrics in real time. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Tracked

  • Call Statistics
    • Total calls and over time comparison
    • Ratio of successful and missed calls
    • Ratio of calls that roll to voicemail
    • Call abandonment ratio
    • Call reasons

  • Call Conversion Statistics
    • Call to lead ratio
    • Lead call to win ratio (i.e. a call that resulted in scheduling an estimate or a job)
    • Calls by referral source

  • User/Agent Statistics
    • Total agents & active agents during selected time period
    • Average talk time across entire company
    • Individual agent call statistics & talk time
    • Agent lead to win conversion ratio


Navigating The Dashboard

Navigating the dashboard is extremely easy. Simply click on one of the filter parameters in the upper right portion of the screen, select set your criteria and click Apply.



You can also personalize the dashboard by dragging & dropping widgets according to your preference. Simply mouseover the header of the widget until the mouse pointer changes to a draggable icon.

NOTE: Please note that the widgets can only dragged & dropped within the same KPI block.