Add reminders to estimates and jobs with a single click with Reminder Presets

With this new feature you you are now able to create sets of reminders for estimates, jobs and site visits and either add them automatically as estimates, jobs or visits get created, or insert them manually with a single click.


Once the presets are setup, simply select them from the list and the system will automatically create all reminders. You can then modify or remove them individually if desired.



Reminders can be used for a variety of different purposes ranging from making the customer aware of an upcoming appointment, to reminding the technician of their assigned work to asking the customer to provide you with their feedback after the work has been completed.

In this example, we created a preset called "Standard Reminders" for a job. In this preset one email reminder will be sent the evening before the job date, a text message will be sent the morning of the job and a follow up email will be sent a day after to request customer's feedback.

Here are the details of each reminder.





To add this reminder preset to a job, you would simply click on the Insert From Presets button and select Standard Reminders.

You can then personalize each reminder within the job itself if needed.

Similar presets could be setup for estimates and job site visits.

There is no limit on the number of reminder presets you can have.