Easy steps to configure so your QuickBooks Online syncs with Service Fusion.

You can set it to automatically sync as transactions occur, or you manually sync when you need to.

***Please note that invoices in Service Fusion start with 1001. If your invoice number sequence in QuickBooks is greater than this number, please be sure to change the FIRST invoice you create in Service Fusion to a number that is higher than the last invoice number in QuickBooks. For example, if your last invoice number in QuickBooks was 35585, then you should change your first invoice number in Service Fusion to 35586 or higher. To view a video tutorial on how to do this, please click HERE.

Please keep in mind that the invoice and payment synchronization is uni-directional (Service Fusion to QuickBooks). if payments are applied in QuickBooks, they will not be synced back to Service Fusion.

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