To create a job (work order) in Service Fusion, there are a four methods you can go about doing so:

  1. Go to the top right of Service Fusion and select the green “+” sign. Select “New Job”.

  2. Hover over “Jobs” on the menu and then select “New” from the dropdown list.

  3. On the menu, hover over “Customers”. Select “Customer List”.

    1. Select the customer you want to create a job for.

    2. Once you are in the customer’s profile, on the right side you will have the option to create a new estimate or job.

  4. On the menu, hover over “Dispatch”, and then select “Dispatch Grid”.

    1. Right click on the grid and select “New Job”. Depending on where you right click matters. In the below example, Charlie was selected as the tech for a Friday job.