1. Navigate to your email templates by hovering over “My Office” and clicking on “Communication Templates”.

  2. Select your default estimate email template that is sent to customers.

  1. On the right hand side of your screen, expand the “Estimates” tags section, scroll down to the bottom of the section, and locate the “{Estimate:AcceptOnlineLink}” tag. Be sure to use the tag that says “AcceptOnlineLink” and not “AcceptOnlineURL”. Click and hold to drag the tag into the template, dropping it where you would like the link to display within the template.

  1. After formatting the template, click the button in the bottom left and the window below will appear. Choose an existing estimate to preview what the email will look like, and you will see the hyperlink that the customer can click to accept their estimate.

Close out of the preview window and save the template by clicking the button in the bottom left.