Importing new or updating existing data is now faster and easier than ever!

You can now use our intuitive Data Import wizard to upload new or update existing customers, service locations, product and service catalogs with just a few mouse clicks.

To access the Data Import wizard, click on My Office and select Data Import from the General menu.

Once on this screen, you will be prompted to select the type of data you would like to import. In this example, we will import customer data.

Click the "Import +" button and select a Comma Separated Values (*.csv) or an Excel (*.xls or *.xlsx) file from your local computer and click Upload at the bottom of the screen.

Once the data is uploaded, you will be prompted to map your data fields.

NOTE: If updating existing records, please be sure to select a unique identified by which the import wizard should match your records. For example, if you selected Customer Name as your "Unique field" and customer named John Doe from your uploaded spreadsheet matches another existing customer record with the same name, existing record will be updated with the information contained in the uploaded spreadsheet.


Once the data is mapped, it is ready for parsing and import.

You can monitor progress of your import, but feel free to navigate away if you'd like and let the process work in the background. Navigating away from the page will not interrupt the import process.


The wizard will validate the data during the import process. Any rows with issues will be skipped and the wizard will display the total count of rows as well as specific details about the issues with your data.

You can click on View Details for more information and/or download the output file with problem rows.

In this specific example I intentionally provided an incorrectly formatted phone number in one row and left the customer name blank in another row.

Clicking "Details" on each row will reveal the entire row with its corresponding data.


You can also stage multiple files and import them at a later time or even roll back your imports if necessary.