At Service Fusion, when we talk about data import, there are a few different things that are typically a part of this conversation -

1.) Quickbooks integrations

2.) The Data Import Wizard, available as an additional module, available from My Office > Data Import (helpful information about this tool here)

3.) The Service Fusion Data Import Team

Quickbooks Integrations

First and foremost, its important to remember that Service Fusion supports automatic syncing of Customer data, Products, and Services with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. When considering how to populate your initial customer database, along with your existing product and service information, AND you're an existing Quickbooks user planning on taking advantage of syncing invoices and payments from Service Fusion to Quickbooks, this is typically the best place to start. Information about setting up Quickbooks Integration for the desktop variety can be found here, and for our Quickbooks online users, the set up information can be found here.

The Data Import Wizard

This is a very powerful module that will allow you to create and update Customers, Service Locations, Products and Services with information derived from a spreadsheet. While you could certainly use one of the templates below for this module, you are not limited to using these. This module utilizes field mapping to populate information in the respective import types, to allow for quick data import.  For a comprehensive guide on our Data import tool, please visit our guide located here

The Service Fusion Data Import Team

The above methods to import data gives you a few different resources on the creation and maintenance of customer, product and service information. We also allow the import of additional information, in the form of job history (estimates and jobs), vendor information, customer - level  service maintenance agreements, equipment information (at the customer level), the ability to 'tie' together products with services (flat - rate), and inventory quantity information (inventory stock).  If you need to import additional data into Service Fusion, please download the templates below. Completed templates can be emailed to for processing.

The Service Fusion data import team supports the following import options: