Administration System




Character limit increase in Create A Task description box

We have increased characters limit from 250 to 500 characters. Now you can put more text to describe your task. Create a task is located under the Calendar tab. 

Date picker in create an estimate page.

Before, when a user created an estimate, the system will automatically date stamp the estimate with the current day. Now, we have placed a Date Picker Calendar, so you can back track your estimates and chose whatever date necessary.

When creating an estimate, simply click on the date field and the Calendar will pop up. Then chose your date and continue on creating the estimate. You can also change the dates on past estimates as well.

Ability to sync Job Deposits with QBO before invoice is created.

Now users are able to sync job deposits with QBO before the job is converted to an invoice. When you take a deposit, after processing it, you will see the transaction in the Transaction History page. There you will see a QBO icon. All you have to do is click on it and your deposit will sync with QBO. If the sync goes through, through the icon will turn green.

Added an ability to add and edit tags on customers accounts from the customer list screen.

The user can now add/edit customer tags right form the customer search results screen. Go to Customer > Customer List, on the right side you will be abel to add/edit tags.

When you click on add tags, add a Enter tag field pops up, where you can create a tag for that customer.

Simply input text in the field and press enter. Now tag is crated. Click on the blue check button and you are done.

To edit tags, simply click on the tag.

Then you can click on the small x next to the tag to delete it. Or if you want to add another tag, then simply type in the text in the empty field.

Fixed Bugs

Fixed a bug that during an import any quotation mark were included in product categories it would breaking the code and stop the import. 

Fixed a bug that caused a hiccup in the Customer Search List.

Fixed a bug that made job block not stick to the selected time slot.

Fixed a bug that made text in the task overflow downward and overlap with other objects.

Fixed a bug that sporadically would not let the user to change dates on invoices. 

Fixed a bug that would attach notes from previous jobs on to a new job.

Fixed a bug that would not show decimals in quantity in any printable/email/PDF versions.


Worker App


Added product search box in Product Catalog page.

We have added a search box and now the user has an easier time searching for a product in Product Catalog. Search the Product Category just by a few letters. 

You can also search the products by SKU#, Model# and Part# as well as the name of the product.

Auto Save.

Before if you are writing a completion note and the browser crashes, you will lose all the info that you have wrote. Now, with the Auto Save you don't have to worry about this anymore. As you write your completion notes or maybe a long text description for one of the products, it will save it as you write it. So, if the browser crashes, all the information you have wrote will remain saved.

Fixed Bugs

Fixed a bug that did not show completed jobs of others. 

Fixed a bug that would not show customer history in the customer details page.