Administration System


New Feature 

Additional Site Visits.

The user now has an ability to schedule additional site visits to an existing job, with any status. Simply find a job that need additional visit and click on edit.

Then, between Notes For Techs and Completion Notes, there is a button: Add Site Visit.

Once clicked, a module will pop up, where you simply fill out the the necessary fields and save.

You can chose any date and time, select multiple techs if needed and include notes for tech. So basically you are creating a job within a job.

Once additional site visit is set, the user has several option.
1. Edit button, will take you to the edit page where you can make any adjustments, like adding another tech or adjusting Arrival Time Window.
2. With one click of a button you can delete the visit.
3. You can create as many visits as you like.

Now that the Site Visit is set the status of a job is going to switch to Dispatch, if it is in any other status. Same will happen in the Worker App. The assign tech(s) will be able to see it in My Work section of the app.

Here is a link to a tutorial video on this thread: