Adding Expenses and running Expense reports

Service Fusion allows the adding of expenses to specific jobs, and subsequently, these expenses can be tracked using reports. 

To add an expense to a job in Service Fusion, perform the following:

1.) From the Edit jobs screen, for a specific job, navigate to the lower portion of the screen that contains the different 'rate' fields. Among these fields are products and services, drive and labor times, and expenses. Click in the expenses tab, and click the add button in the lower left hand corner of this window. 

2.) When Add new is clicked on, different editable fields appear including date, expense category, purchased from, amount, billable, reimburse to. The information associated with the expense can be manually entered in these fields. By clicking on the 'billable' option, this will enable the expenses to be billed on the job work order and invoice. In the 'reimburse to' field, different employees entered into workforce management can be selected, depending on who is reimbursable by the technician. A receipt can also be attached in this section by clicking on the add receipt button. A file browser opens in a new dialogue box that allows the selection of the receipt file to be uploaded. 

It is important to note that expenses can be added in the back office or in the field worker app. 

3.) After expenses have been entered into jobs, a report can be generated to track expenses. In order to generate a report that allows this tracking, click on the reports tab from the Service Fusion banner. 

4.) In the reports tab, there is a section solely dedicated to expense reports. This report is entitled reimbursable expenses by employee. This report shows the date the expense was incurred, the job number associated with the expense, the customer associated with the job that incurred the expense, the amount of the expense, and is organized by which employee the expense is reimbursable to. 

A video of adding the expense, and accessing the report that tracks the expense is available here: