Administrative System 


New Feature 

Add ability to schedule right from the calendar and dispatch grid.

Now if a user right-clicks within an empty time window on either the calendar or the dispatch grid, the user will see popup a window. That popup window now gives the user three choices. To create a new estimate, job or a task.

If the user selects Create New Job, it will take them to the create a job page. . If a user selects Create New Estimate, then it will take them to create an estimate page. 
If right-click in Dispatch View page, the date, time and the tech would be already populated. If in calendar view, same action will populate just the date and time. If a user selects Create New Tasks, it will take them to the create a task page. If selected from dispatch view, date, time and to whom it will be assign information will be populated. If same action is selected from the calendar view, only date and time will be populated.